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Our people-first culture made us a Detroit Free Press 2023 top workplace

Our people-first culture made us a Detroit Free Press 2023 top workplace

Step into our Southfield office, and you’ll feel a welcome so earnest it could only come from workers happy to provide it. And that’s because they are--just ask them. Energage and the Detroit Free Press did, and everyone agrees: we’re the cream of the crop.

In early 2023, Energage and our team took a deep dive into what makes working at Action Benefits so special. Spoiler alert: It’s everything! We checked all the boxes (and then some), but here’s where our workplace really shines:

We fairly value the efforts our staff put in. Looking across the industry, our employees view their benefits package 17% more favorably than the average workplace does. We suspect it’s because we’ve always covered their medical deductibles. As part of the broader healthcare segment, we know how valuable it is to have easy access to affordable care – whenever you need it.

Remarks from an employee: “Love the health insurance and [Health Reimbursement Arrangement]. The PTO is unbelievably generous and very much appreciated. . . The 401k match and profit sharing are AMAZING!”

Our people are engaged and appreciated. Our people aren’t just motivated, they’re also more likely to shout from the rooftops “Action Benefits inspires me to bring my A-game!” And that’s not just because we feed them well and often, but because we adapt our work environment to how they work best.

Recently, our operations department got a tech makeover. The affected team had a say in how it all went down: “[When implementing the system] We as staff are asked how WE want to set it up. There are limitations, but our voice matters. I have never had that happen in previous employment.”

We respect and support each other. Ever been in a meeting where you got to hear the leader think out loud for 57 minutes? Those don’t happen here. When we meet, it’s because we value all voices in the room (or Zoom). Our staff say we encourage different viewpoints in all settings, and open dialogue helps us be the best at what we do: “I can also talk to anyone in leadership – all the way up to the President. Everyone is accessible, and everyone cares.”

It’s not just a handful of superfans inflating these numbers or delivering these quotes – 87% of our staff participated in the survey.

We’re proud to foster such a great culture, and thankful our employees overwhelmingly support the work we do. This award is as much theirs as it is ours – they’re the ones putting in the effort to serve each other, our customers, and the health industry.

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