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Get Medicare leads by educating prospects about the Inflation Reduction Act

Get Medicare leads by educating prospects about the Inflation Reduction Act

With the Biden Administration recently releasing the first ten drugs whose prices will be negotiated by Medicare, the Inflation Reduction Act is taking up a lot of oxygen in the public discourse. Seize the moment by generating content that educates your customers (and prospects!) about what’s going on. Bolstering your brand with timely content might just give you the boost you need to increase your inbound leads.

Here are some pointers for how you might discuss the act on your social media (whether that’s Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, or somewhere else):

First things first

Build your background knowledge of the Act and all the provisions affecting Medicare Part D.  That way, you can speak credibly to what’s happening in the market. 

Keep it simple

Begin your piece with a concise overview of the health-related portions of the Act and its key goals – including reducing healthcare costs and improving drug pricing transparency. The trick is to do so without slipping into too much industry jargon – you’ll need to break down concepts for folks unfamiliar with insurance or legislative terminology. Instead of detailing all of the factors  CMS will take into account when negotiating prices, simply acknowledge this new power allows CMS to cut costs by annually setting prices on a narrow range of drugs.

Make it relevant

Humans learn best when swe can see how a topic might directly impact us. If you’re talking about the drug negotiation provisions, spend some time showing how a consumer taking one (or more!) of the ten named drugs will save money in 2026. If you’re talking about how the new $2,000 out-of-pocket maximum goes into effect in 2025, show how that will save your prospects money. Or, you might highlight success stories of your clients who are already saving cash with the $35 per month cap on insulin. Whatever you choose, make your clients and prospects the star of your story.

Make it count

If you’ve been nodding along so far, we have good news for you – there’s an untapped wealth of content in your head, just waiting to come out. But, even though you might want to write it all at once, you don’t want to publish it all at once.

Instead, see how you might logically divide your work into bite-size chunks. Most folks tend to quit reading long-form blogs about 500 words in; video content (YouTube, TikTok) works better when it’s short, too.

But, that’s good news. If you release 10 two-minute videos over the span of a few weeks, you’ve put yourself at the top of your prospect’s mind throughout that time period. The same is true for releasing blogs or Facebook posts on a regular basis. And, if you can schedule those pieces to come out ahead of time, it buys you more time to develop content around the other insurance topics you know about.

Put the “social” in social media

It may take a while, but your great content will generate likes, shares, and comments. That’s exactly what you want because it will boost visibility on your chosen platforms. It’s important for you to build on that momentum, though. Be ready to respond to each and every question, comment, and curse word that comes your way. Your actions highlight your commitment to the community – as well as increase the likelihood that platforms will display your posts. 

Get seen, get leads

In a few short steps, you’ll have brought educational content to the masses. You’re now more likely to come to mind when they have Medicare questions. And that can only mean more opportunities for you to grow your business.